Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting Used to Things

I have never liked moving - I always wanted to have a home and live in it, have my kids grow up in it, have grandchildren visit, and finally retire in it.  I guess I got that from my parents who only moved once while I was growing up; from St. Louis to Sierra Vista, Arizona when I was ten.  Since they passed away - my Mom in 2000 and my Dad in 2006 - I have moved three times.  Illinois. San Francisco. And now here.

I have to say that this place intrigues me like no other.  I grew to love nature and hiking and mountains in the canyons of the Huachucas in southeastern Arizona.  I admit that most of my senior year in high school was spent not in class, but with friends hiking the canyons, driving the canyons, loving the canyons...

This place brings that all back to me.  Wearing hiking boots and walking on damp soil, surrounded by an aroma of a pine forest, is beyond heavenly.  I think this opportunity came along at exactly the right time in my life - city living is not something I choose anymore.  Right now, in this place, my hiking boots and I are happy to explore =)
Starting the morning off right
Healthy food from the Island Market
(pay no attention to the Jim Beam)

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